About Us

Al Hada Water is one of the best bottled natural deep well water in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1995, with the objectives to produce high-quality PET drinking water bottles as well as serve its consumers with a high satisfaction level. It is the first Saudi Company who introduced PET bottles into the local water industry; hence became a pioneer in quality. It is one of the best-bottled water brands/companies in Saudi Arabia, which meets all the local and international guidelines for quality management systems as well as maintaining the essential minerals and other quality parameters like TDS, pH etc.

Al Hada Water goes through an extensive process of a quality program from its water source in the valley of Hada Al-Sham in Makkah Al Mukaramah region, to bottle pure, natural water, sterilized by ozone, low in TDS (109) and rich in minerals.

Through deep research, testing and development, and upgrading products in the health, hygiene, and food sector, it meets the increasing health-conscious demands of consumers, hence Al Hada maintains its leadership in the market

Quality Policy

Al Hada Water goes through a rigorous quality process which includes a selection of safe deep well raw water, RO, and Ozone treatment, balancing the required minerals with low TDS. Our laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipments to check and control all bacteriological and chemical parameters within standards to provide you with safe water for drinking. Further, we do tests of our bottled water samples by Saudi Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) approved Third Party Laboratory to fully ensure the quality. We have a standard operating procedure to meet the National (SASO & SFDA) and international requirements of quality in the industry. Its policy is to maintain the highest standard of quality products always, hence, it has been awarded various quality awards viz. King Awards for the best factory, SASO, BBI, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 2200, International Quality Gold Award, London 2008, and International Quality Platinum Award, New York 2010.

Hada Water - SASO Certificate


Al Hada Water serves its customers by many means which includes its own sales branches in Jeddah – Makkah – Riyadh  – Dammam as well as by exclusive distributors in Kingdom wide. We distribute to our customers directly to all segments by our sales & delivery team where we have branches. We have a dedicated team for Home Delivery customers to serve them on utmost priority. The ordering system for this segment may be completed by either by calling us on 012-6779393. or online by clicking here: Order Now


Being a pioneer in PET bottled water and having a quality edge since its inception, its vision is to be the market leader in Quality & Service always.


To provide quality products to the consumers to keep them healthy and satisfied, enabling them to have trust in Al Hada brand.

Hada Water + Vision + Mission